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CCLME small pelagics project

Sustainable transboundary management of shared small pelagic stocks in North West Africa consistent with an ecosystem approach.

This CCLME demonstration project will be implemented as part of Component 2: Marine living resources.

Participating countries: Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia

Associated countries
: Guinea and Guinea-Bissau

Small pelagic fish (such as sardine, sardinella, bonga shad and mackerel) are the most abundant fish stocks in the CCLME sub-region and are also extensively shared by countries within which waters they are distributed. The project will promote multi-country agreement on sub-regional resource assessment, policies and plans for the sustainable management of transboundary shared stocks of small pelagic fish species which are distributed in the upwelling zone between Morocco and southern Senegal (including the waters of the Gambia).