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Biodiversity, Habitat, and Water Quality Issues

The Preliminary TDA has its strongest focus on the environmental conditions impacting fisheries. Thus it is particularly important that the perspectives of experts in Biodiversity, Habitat and Water Quality issues have the opportunity to come together and review those aspects for inclusion in the TDA.

The working group will:

  • Examine the Preliminary TDA and provide environmental input to the TDA Working Group. 
  • Gather input broadly from others in the region involved with these issues.
  • Prepare regular progress reports. 
  • Following the TDA effort they will be available when asked, to serve in a review capacity for specific technical aspects of the SAP (the SAP is a ministerial document so fundamentally political but it must be technically accurate). 
  • Make recommendations to the Working Group on Survey Data Analysis and Planning related to sampling for biodiversity, habitat and water quality issues.