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Strategic Action Plan (SAP)

This group will ensure that the Strategic Action Plan.

This group will ensure that the SAP significantly addresses the transboundary issues identified for the CCLME region and that it is an achievable plan that will be approved at the Ministerial level among the CCLME participating countries.

The SAP is the most critical document produced in CCLME project. The core reference for the SAP is the TDA, and the SAP is based on the analyses prepared in the TDA which identifies the critical transboundary issues, their causes and actions that can address those causes. The TDA will be adopted by the Steering Committee based on its technical competence.

The SAP however, after approval by the Steering Committee, must be approved at the Ministerial level as it is a policy document impacting on the countries. Thus the actions adopted must be negotiated so that they can actually be implemented and funding should be sought for the second five year period (or the SAP implementation phase).

Furthermore it is expected that the work will continue after the five year SAP implementation period. Therefore the most critical thought must go into this working group to ensure that the document significantly addresses the transboundary issues and is achievable.

This Working Group will :

  • Review the TDA so that the elements adopted in the SAP are justified as needed and applicable based on the TDA. 
  • Other reference documents to be reviewed for guidance are the SAPs adopted in the BCLME and GCLME as well as any others that might be available at the time of the work of this Working Group e.g. ASCLME and the BoBLME. 
  • Prepare regular progress reports.
  • The Working Group must develop mechanisms as it proceeds for the appropriate interactions with relevant persons in the countries so that a negotiated document is developed that both has significant actions addressing the issues identified in the TDA and is adoptable by the countries. Adoption by the countries signifies a priority given to these actions that can lead to funding.