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70 participants representing seven countries and over 40 organizations participated at the official launch of the CCLME project during the CCLME inception workshop on 2-3 November 2010.

CCLME IWS Group photoThe CCLME inception workshop was organized in Dakar, Senegal...

Ms. Tamba assumed her duties as the CCLME administrative assistant on 1 September 2010.

Ndèye Fatou Tamba Administrative assistantBefore joining the CCLME project, Ms. Tamba worked for the United Nations Organization against Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Regional office in...

Mr. Birane Sambe, a Senegalese national, assumed his duties as the CCLME Regional Coordinator on 1 April 2010.
Welcome Mr. Birane Sambe, CCLME Regional Coordinator.

Mr Sambe is specialized in stock assessment and fisheries management. Prior to his assignment...

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