Coastal Fisheries Initiative
@FAO/Yacine Cissé

What we do

Coastal fisheries play a crucial role in society. They contribute to food security, as well as economic and social development.

Yet, no coordinated efforts exist to promote more sustainable use and management of this sector. The Coastal Fisheries Initiative (CFI) has stepped in to fill this gap.

It is a true global partnership, bringing together UN agencies and international conservation organizations at the forefront of efforts to improve coastal fisheries management and conserve marine biodiversity.

The initiative provides hands-on support to coastal fisheries in six countries across three geographies: Indonesia, Latin America (Ecuador and Peru) and West Africa (Cabo Verde, Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal).

CFI also has a Challenge Fund, which aims to engage businesses in making coastal fisheries more sustainable and productive.

By pulling together best practices from all those experiences, the initiative aims to develop more holistic processes and integrated approaches to coastal fisheries management.