Coastal Fisheries Initiative
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Coastal Fisheries Initiative

Promoting sustainable fisheries in coastal areas
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Why is Côte d’Ivoire losing its mangroves to fishing?

FAO and partners work to restore mangroves through the global Coastal Fisheries Initiative
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Global push to restore mangrove forests for fishing communities in West Africa

Coastal Fisheries Initiative is key enabler to help fish sustainably, empower women in fishing communities and protect marine life
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Looking at life below water

In Latin America, CFI works to improve the bond between humans and marine ecosystems

Coastal fisheries are vital to millions of people, providing healthy food, supporting livelihoods and generating revenues for local communities and national economies. Yet, they put growing pressure on the marine environment, endangering aquatic species and threatening precious ecosystems. The Coastal Fisheries Initiative (CFI) is a global effort to preserve marine resources and ensure that coastal fisheries can continue to play their crucial role [ more… ]


Sustainable fisheries

Local communities in Peru work to preserve the marine environment [more]

Coastal Fisheries Initiative

Promoting sustainable fisheries in coastal areas [more]

Mainstreaming gender

Workshop to operationalize gender strategy in West-Africa [more]


Challenge Fund

Engaging the private sector in sustainable fisheries [more]

Global Partnership

A platform to pull best practices together [more]


Improving coastal fisheries' management [more]

Latin America

Targeting artisanal fisheries in Ecuador and Peru [more]

West Africa

Focus women in small-scale fisheries [more]