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In this #DayofLifeSilvestre, we celebrate underwater life for a future in harmony with the oceans, for people and the planet.
Women have an important role to play in Africa’s fisheries sector, but their contributions are too often overlooked.The African Union Commission and The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) recognize this challenge, which they address in their Policy Framework and Reform Strategy for Fisheries and Aquaculture in Africa. This strategy...
Overfishing, competing uses for coastal areas, promoting sustainable fisheries management, building strong fisherfolk associations, supporting women in fisheries, ensuring efficient fisheries value chains. These are common challenges facing coastal fisheries communities around the globe.
The challenges and achievements experienced by coastal fisheries communities spanning three continents was the topic of discussion last month in Guayaquil, Ecuador at the GEF Coastal Fisheries Initiative Global Inception Meeting. (more)
Fish provide 3.2 billion people with about 20% of their animal protein and essential nutrients for growth and maternal health. The Coastal Fisheries Initiative, CFI, was developed to demonstrate and promote integrated approaches that support environmentally, economically and socially sustainable use and management of coastal fisheries. The Programme takes a value-chain...
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