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Coastal Fisheries Initiative

Global Partnership Project

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Applying integrated participatory and collaborative approaches and using tools for attaining and measuring coastal fisheries performance

This project is the umbrella project for the CFI and and has three main purposes: coordination among projects; knowledge sharing between projects as well as globally; and development of a fisheries performance assessment. It involves all CFI Agencies and other relevant partners with a Global Coordination Unit to support the CFI Global Steering Committee (GSC) and a Global Reference Group (GRG).

The project will promote sharing of the experiences and lessons generated at country and regional levels, giving the CFI a catalytic role in replicating best practices on coastal fisheries management. Key to the success of the CFI is a knowledge management (KM) strategy which will ensure that effective dissemination of new knowledge acquired informs and supports policies and capacity strengthening.  

The project also includes research component to develop - based on existing tools and initiatives - and implement a fisheries performance assessment to monitor the sustainability of coastal fisheries and the environmental, social and economic benefits of the CFI and other fisheries programmes.

The Global Partnership project provides the common platform for the CFI - as well as broader collaboration and communication - and contributes innovation with regard to fisheries performance assessment. The project has a key role in pulling best practices together and ensuring that they inform future developments for coastal fisheries governance and management.

The Global Partnership will be implemented by FAO in collaboration with the CFI agencies over 5 years with a budget of 2.6 million USD contribution from the GEF and and additional 12.0 million USD in co-financing.