CountrySTAT-Burundi organizes the Sensitization and National Users Seminar


The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock,in collaboration with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO) will organize on the 19th of February 2015, the Seminar of Sensitization and for National Users of the CountrySTAT-Burundi system.

CountrySTAT is based on the 50 years of experience of FAO, in expertise in agricultural statistics, including development and implementation of policy-making based on data and Agriculture - FAOSTAT which is a reference for all users in the world. It uses the FENIX platform is a web-based system and open-source technology, providing flexibility to meet the different needs of users and projects globally, at both regiona and national levels.

CountrySTAT network is growing around the world. The Statistics Division of the FAO headquarters in Rome continues to make considerable efforts in technical support to countries and development methodologies, concepts, definitions and classifications to be used by FAO Member States to ensure comparability and the exchange of data between countries, and promote regional cooperation in this area.

The latest report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO ), the United Nations Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the World Food Programme (WFP ) on the state of the food insecurity in the World reported that about 805 million people were undernourished during the 2012-2014 period , 11.3 % of the world population. The overwhelming majority of them live in developing countries, where it is now estimated that 13.5 % of the population are affected by malnutrition.

CountrySTAT is a tool available to policy makers, development partners and other users in the fight against hunger and poverty. It allows quick and easy access to available statistical data, facilitates planning and making decisions based on facts, contributing ultimately to accelerate the process of reducing hunger and malnutrition.