Creación de capacidades para la seguridad alimentaria

Technical Seed Security Assessment Workshop

From 28/04/2014 To 30/04/2014
Location: Windsor Hotel Nairobi, Kenya

The Technical Seed Security Assessment Workshop will bring together project staff from TCE and AGP, the two FAO Divisions in charge of the Seed Component of the project. The project accountability experts will also be present and will be providing sound inputs. The objective of the workshop is two-fold:

  • review and updating of the project Workplan and budget;
  • conduct in-depth discussions on the project outputs, namely the revised Seed Security Conceptual Framework, the Seed Security Assessment tools, the Community of Practice including the Advisory Group and the Training design and material.

Key discussion points at the workshop:

• The need to agree on key elements of the Seed Security Conceptual Framework proposed by the team, and gather input to further develop the Framework.

• Gather inputs from participants about the national review of the past and current SSA in the eight pilot countries.

• Present findings and lessons learnt from the two pilot SSA conducted in South Sudan and Mali, specifically on the training workshop, the data collection and analysis, and the implementation of findings into concrete action.

• The engagement of the forthcoming Community of Practice on SSA, including its scope and objectives.

• The design and development of training material on SSA.

• Specific topics will also be discuss that will complement the above, such as the Vegetable and Planting material Variants of the SSA, the opportunity to use GIS technology and its potential and the setting up of an SSA advisory Group.

Discussions will allow to get agreement on decisions and issues, and assign clear follow up with deadlines to participants.

The Workshop report will be available on this page.