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Agricultural Extension Modernization Myanmar


Myanmar in the last decade has seen little contribution of the extension service in the increase of agricultural productivity including high value crops, livestock and aquaculture. Moreover, most extension plans and projects have been not so effective in addressing farmers’ needs, constraints and ensuring sustainability of the program. Specialized training programs based on farmers’ needs and constraints, agro-ecological and socio-economic conditions, are virtually lacking in Myanmar. The lack of a sustainable extension support system encompassing farmers as agents of technology transfer building on their established capacity and coordination mechanisms and strong linkages with other relevant agencies, are perceived as important contributing factors.
The above mentioned situation points out that to have a concrete and complete pathway for agricultural development, a sound and smart agricultural extension system has to be practiced. In this context it is a crucial time to reform the existing extension service with appropriate extension approaches and professional skills.


This project would aim for the following outputs:

  • A sectorial review report and recommendation on the use of technology to strengthen extension services in Myanmar and
  • a project proposal aiming at developing a sound and smart agricultural extension system for agricultural development.

The project contributes to two outcomes of Myanmar's Country Programming Framework 2012-2016:

  • Outcome 5: Human resource development and institutional capacity building;
  • Outcome 6: Rural livelihood improvement.