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E-Agriculture Strategy Guide

Informal Experts Group

The Informal Experts Group for E-agriculture (IEG4E-ag) is an experts group consisting of solutions providers, academia, research institutes and governments to share their expertise and solutions for e-agriculture.


Offer technology assets for public use to make available technologies such as farmers registration, weather information apps etc., that can be used by other countries and/or organizations with minimal cost and customization.


Document technical specifications of common e-agriculture services and solutions leveraging on the expertise of stakeholders that are working on specific solutions development in areas such as advisory services, natural resources management, market places, payment services, weather information, etc. This can significantly assist countries in converting strategies into concrete specifications and “Request for Proposals” (RFPs) that are based on sound best practices and on what can today’s technologies deliver. Specifications can include functional requirements, security and performance measures, interfaces, etc. This also can lead to the identification of a broader architecture for an “E-agriculture Platform” that would comprise of the most common components that are used in the majority of countries.

Capacity Development

Demonstrate solutions to gain hands-on experience for those who wish to rapidly learn about state of the art solutions. This can assist in developing technical and practical capacities of ministries of agriculture and other stakeholders to raise their awareness and build their technical skills. Continue to create learning environments explore opportunities to facilitate field visit to see e-agriculture solutions in action, in partnership with the solution provider, and where applicable to add a “hands-on” training component to it.