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Aboard the Nansen (#EAFNansen)

A 1-month marine research voyage off the coast of Ghana

#EAFNansen Ghana survey: Meet the rest of the team on board

My name is Ebenezer Ekuban and I work in the Fisheries Scientific Survey Division of the Fisheries Commission of Ghana. My main role is on species identification and also to help out with the sorting and sampling of trawl catches. I have just finished a similar survey on board the R/V Lasana Conte under the UEMOA Programme last year. This survey will offer me the opportunity to be able to compare the results of the two surveys. [more]

Signing off from the Nansen for now, but the voyage continues!

Peter and I are now back ashore after spending twenty exciting and hard-working days aboard the Nansen. Our last couple of days were busy with finalizing our work on the ship, and enjoying our last few hours in the warm breeze and even managing to relax for a bit on deck, something that hasn’t been possible over the past days with our hectic schedules. We are grateful we got to spend these few days on the Nansen with a great group of scientists, and we hope our work brings us together again in the future. [more]

Coffee and a chat with #EAFNansen’s cruise leader

My name is Reidar Toresen. I’m Norwegian and I work at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen, Norway. As cruise leader, I am responsible for supervising this survey voyage, and ensuring that the goals of the survey are met as well as possible. It is also under my responsibility to organize the work on board [more]

Join us identifying species aboard the Nansen

We thought you’d like to see some of the taxonomical work we have underway. Here are some of the species we are identifying during our Ghana survey trip… and some new facts and curiosities for all you budding marine biologists out there. [more]

#EAFNansen Ghana survey: Meet the team on board

Hello everyone, it’s Fabio here again from on board the Nansen. Today I’m introducing my fellow scientists onboard, all of whom are from Ghana with the exception of Peter and me, who are joining the survey trip from FAO Headquarters in Rome. I would also like to point out that the Nansen project has a clear gender policy. Scientists from the countries being surveyed are selected for each voyage, and there is always a strong gender balance on these trips. [more]

Nansen Ghana survey: getting dirty with the sampling

Fisheries research surveys are among the best examples of research activities related to the exploration and monitoring of marine biological diversity. As taxonomist on board the Nansen Ghana survey, my role is to make sure that the species caught are correctly identified, try to identify new species, and provide “on the job” training for the local participants on species identification. Here in the accompanying photo, you can see me carrying out a demonstration on the identification of flatfishes (Pleuronectiformes), which can be quite difficult to classify. [more]

The Nansen sets sail again!

Once again, we’ll be blogging and tweeting from the #EAFNansen, and we hope you’ll join us on board virtually and send us your questions. On this voyage, the research vessel Dr Fridtjof Nansen will be conducting ecosystem surveys for 20 days along the coast of Ghana. [more]

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