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Aboard the Nansen (#EAFNansen)

Northwestern and western Africa survey May-July 2017

A touch of Norway off the shores of Morocco

Norway’s National Day, or Grunnlovsdagen, is celebrated every year on 17 May. It dates back to 1814 when Norway’s Constitution was signed, declaring Norway an independent kingdom. In Norway, men, women and children celebrate their national holiday wearing traditional, colourful wool outfits, called bunad. This year’s celebrations in Oslo took place under cool and slightly rainy skies. [more]

Studying fish eggs, fish larvae and microplastics onboard the Nansen

The Nansen has been at sail along the northwestern coast of Africa for just over a week. If you missed our news about the Casablanca launch of the Nansen and the start of the first research voyage of this marine research vessel, you can see the post here. [more]

Putting those shiny new labs to use on the Nansen

It’s always nice to be the first, as the scientists aboard the Nansen are quickly discovering. But those shiny, new laboratories may not remain that way for long after long shifts working to study and classify the fish. Pelagic fish expert Merete Kvalsund of Norway’s Institute of Marine Research (IMR) reports to us that the first days of the survey voyage are going well. Scientists and crew have eased into their shifts that guarantee 24-hour coverage. Each team of scientists and crew work a series of three eight-hour shifts in a twenty-four hour period. [more]

In Casablanca, the new Nansen celebrates its first research voyage

On Monday, 8 May, the new marine research vessel the Dr. Fridtjof Nansen was feted in Casablanca, Morocco, before departing on its maiden research voyage along the coast of northwest and western Africa. The Nansen – a 43-year-old partnership between FAO and Norway – has been working directly with developing countries to build capacity in order to improve their fisheries management and conservation of natural resources. [more]

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