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EAF-Nansen Programme

Aboard the Nansen (#EAFNansen)

Northwestern and western Africa survey May-December 2017

Meet the scientists aboard this leg of the Nansen research voyage

The Nansen may be the most advanced marine research vessel of its kind in the world, but despite all its impressive technology and shiny laboratories, at the heart of this forty-three year FAO-Norway collaboration, it’s mostly been about the people. [more]

Tema, Ghana welcomes the Nansen to its harbor

Yesterday, for the second time in two years, the Nansen docked in Tema, Ghana. Its visit yesterday took place against the backdrop of bright blue skies and colourful quayside banners in the red, yellow and green of the Ghanaian flag. [more]

Women scientists aboard the Nansen: Meet Mouna Elqendouci

The #EAFNansen continues its maiden journey along the coast of northwest and western Africa, and as we’ve done in the past, we’re taking the opportunity to spotlight some of the women scientists on board and to ask them how they selected a career in the marine scientists, what they find most challenging and rewarding during their time aboard the Nansen, and the advice they would offer to young girls dreaming of a similar career path. [more]

Women scientists aboard the Nansen: Meet Alba Jurado-Ruzafa

The #EAFNansen programme has an important gender component as part of the long-standing Norway-FAO collaboration. In practice, this means that we are lucky enough to have many talented women scientists and researchers aboard each survey voyage of the Nansen. On this voyage, we’ve already brought you a profile of Moroccan Hinde Abdelouhahab. Today, we’re chatting with a fellow member of the ‘Plankton Team’, alongside Hinde: Alba Jurado-Ruzafa [more]

Our taxonomist talks fish from aboard the Nansen

This very first survey voyage of the new Nansen, launched on its first survey voyage from Casablanca, Morocco this past May, is studying pelagic fish along the coast of northwestern Africa. FAO’s own taxonomist, Peter Psomadakis, is on board the Nansen for this leg of the voyage, and he contributed this blog post to provide us more background about pelagic fish – the type of fish our scientists are studying – and other areas of scientific research on this survey voyage. [more]

Women scientists aboard the Nansen: Meet Hinde Abdelouahab

The #EAFNansen pogramme has been a collaboration between Norway and FAO in operation since 1974, conducting marine research in some of the least observed waters on the planet. This project trains marine scientists and researchers, many from developing countries, on board the world’s most advanced marine research vessel. And a gender policy built into the EAF-Nansen programme means that many of the scientists and researchers aboard are women. [more]

Everything you ever wanted to know about plankton and microplastics sampling

Hinde Abdelouahab and Alba Jurado-Ruzafa are two of the international scientists aboard this third leg of the Northwestern Africa survey voyage, and they contributed this blog post to illustrate to us the daily work undertaken by the “Plankton Team” aboard the Nansen. [more]

Anchors aweigh for the third leg of the Nansen

We are pleased to be blogging again on this new leg of the voyage of the Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, which departed from Las Palmas on 11 June for a 22-day journey. The main survey objectives are to cover abundances and distributions of pelagic fish resources, and to collect in situ oceanographic data and plankton along the coast from Cap Juby in Morocco and southwards towards Senegal. [more]

Is it time already? Wrapping up the first leg of the Nansen voyage!

It’s hard to believe, but the first leg of the Nansen is quickly coming to a close as our team of intrepid, international scientists steam closer to land – Las Palmas in Spain’s Gran Canaria Island. It’s been an exciting maiden journey for the Norwegian crew and scientists, working alongside the Moroccan scientists on board this leg of the journey. [more]

Seafood safety research aboard the Nansen

As we’ve pointed out on this blog, the new Nansen – with its seven laboratories and state-of-the-art technology is an impressive floating research venue. Two of the scientists aboard this first leg of the Nansen voyage are Anette Kausland and Annbjørg Bøkevoll of the National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES). NIFES is a research institute affiliated to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries in Norway. [more]
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