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EAF-Nansen Programme

Workshop for ocean acidification and carbonate chemistry onboard the RV “Dr. Fridtjof Nansen”


Since 2017, the EAF Nansen Programme has included studies of ocean acidification as part of their measuring program. In this regard, the laboratory was equipped with instruments for measurement of seawater pH and alkalinity. When two parameters are measured all the other variables in the carbonate ocean system can be calculated.

The aim of this workshop was to give an overview of ocean acidification and how it is studied. Melissa Chierici, IMR, gave an interesting introduction to methodology and how to measure chemical change in the ocean. Thus, it is important to train new participants to determine seawater for pH and total alkalinity onboard. The participants were coming from marine institutes and universities from Angola, Namibia, Norway and South- Afrika.

Both African and Norwegian scholars contributed to the program. We had practical exercise in the laboratory, measuring pH and Alkalinity. Helene Loedemel, IMR, did a solid job showing practical use of equipment in the Nansen chemistry lab, followed with carbonate chemistry calculations. Margaret Ogundare had a thorough presentation of her last results of her PhD, followed with a discussion about her findings.

A laboratory filled with only women , gave an atmosphere of laughter and unity. It was some interesting days, learning and enjoying the company of dedicated participants, who share the passion for the ocean and carbonate chemistry.

By Agnethe Hertzberg