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24 April 2019
A transboundary demersal survey in the South-Eastern Atlantic with the research vessel (R/V) Dr Fridtjof Nansen was organized from 28 February to 24 April (leg 2.1 and 2.2), and a mesopelagic transect was also organized from 27 April to 7 May. The main objective of Leg 2 was to cover demersal resources of the continental shelf and upper slope with a regional survey that allows for synoptic overview of distribution and abundance of resources that may be shared across the region. In addition to determining distribution...
08 March 2019
The Coordinator and the entire EAF-Nansen Programme team would like to wish all our hardworking women, marine scientists and resource managers, a wonderful International Women’s Day! The EAF-Nansen Programme proudly continues to increase the capacities of women scientists and fisheries managers from Africa and the Bay of Bengal since the 1970s committing toward mainstreaming gender in fisheries management and governance and promoting gender equality in fisheries  
08 March 2019
In August 2018, a post-survey meeting after the Dr. Fridtjof Nansen cruise 1.3 in 2018 was held in Maputo. At this meeting several research projects were identified to be carried out and the projects "Visual Seafloor Mapping of the Cabo Delgado, Mozambique" was one of them. The projects main goal is to identify and characterize sensitive habitat and hotspot of biodiversity in the area and predict their distribution. The project involves two workshops that covers training in video analysis, and strategy for statistical analysis for habitat identification. Video analysis will be conducted between the two workshops. The main objectives of the...
25 February 2019
As part of the 2019 work plan of the EAF-Nansen Programme, a survey was organized from 24 January to 25 February in the Convention Area of the South East Atlantic Fisheries Organization (SEAFO), to further enhance the understanding of Southeast Atlantic ecosystems as decided in 2015. In 2015, a similar survey was conducted when the Research Vessel (R/V) Dr Fridtjof Nansen mapped bathymetry, benthic invertebrates regarded as indicators of vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs) and target fisheries resources. The one-month cruise greatly assisted the Scientific Committee of SEAFO in understanding the qualities of the Convention Area and several of the seamounts that...
20 February 2019
The EAF-Nansen Programme organized a post survey meeting for the third leg of the surveys with Dr. Fridtjof Nansen in 2018, in Yangon from 19-21 February 2019. Participants from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, IMR and FAO met to discuss the main findings, finalize the survey reports and discuss further analysis of the samples and data collected during the survey. Regional issues and how the results can be used in future management was also discussed and  needs for capacity development were identified. U Khin Maung Maw, Director General of the Department of Fisheries delivered an opening speech highlighting the appreciation...
28 January 2019
An event was organized on 28 January 2018 in Colombo, Sri Lanka,  to launch the main research findings of the survey carried out by the Norwegian Research Vessel Dr. Fridtjof Nansen in Sri Lanka during the past year. The research vessel completed an ecosystem survey in the coastal waters of Sri Lanka from June 23 to July 16 as part of the EAF-Nansen Programme actvities. The aim of the survey last year was to carry out a marine resources survey around Sri Lanka, with the expectation that the survey would provide Sri Lanka with up-to-date data which would be useful for future...
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