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NANSIS is a Survey Information System for logging, editing, analysis and retrieval of biological and environmental data from marine research surveys.  Its primary use is to store data from fisheries research surveys and to extract these data again for research and management purposes in an easy way.

The first NANSIS version, designed for the DOS environment, was developed by Dr Tore Strømme of the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) of Bergen, Norway for use in connection with fisheries surveys conducted with the Norwegian research vessel Dr Fridtjof Nansen. The software has been used by many fisheries scientists in developing countries for well over 30 years. With the rapid technological advances that has occurred since this system was developed, it became necessary to develop a Windows version, also expanded to meet modern scientific data storage and retrieval needs.

A rudimentary version of the new Nansis for windows, Nansis 1.0, was released internally at IMR first time in 2006. Later a number of versions have been released but most of these releases have only been presented to a smaller audience, these have reported back and given positive and negative feedback. The development of the software has tried to take into consideration the recommendations from the users and we are grateful for all the feedback that has been given to us over the years. The version 1.9 of Nansis has tried to incorporate the necessity to have a simple installation procedure and easy to navigate software. Although this, the program now has an impressive list of features.
Please note that Nansis is distributed with a small dummy dataset but with no real data. For data request please contact the EAF-Nansen project Coordination Unit at FAO or at the Norwegian Centre for Development Cooperation in Fisheries (CDCF).


The new WINDOWS 1.9 version of NANSIS is now available.

The development of this new version has been an activity under the EAF-Nansen project (Strengthening the Knowledge base for and Implementing an Ecosystem Approach to Marine Fisheries in Developing Countries) - a partnership between Norad, FAO and IMR.

NANSIS for WINDOWS Key features

  • Main database: Postgres SQL for safe storage of data and linking with other databases;
  • Track log module: for logging and visualization of continuously recorded data, weather stations, GPS and echosounder data;
  • Bridge log module: vessel activity diary;
  • Nansis main window for work with survey data including:
    • Initialization of new surveys
    • Data punching modules for data collected during research surveys
    • Reporting system of collected data
    • Scripting module and Nansis Post Processing
  • Nansis Map tool: data visualization and biomass estimation;
  • Nansis briefcase: transfer of data between two databases;
  • Spread sheet like export facilities to link up with other analytical and map software;
  • Nansis help menu for installation and use of all modules in the system.

Major changes since version 1.8

  • General. All Nansis executables now have their own description.
  • General. Most of Nansis modules now support Windows display settings are 125% (medium)
  • General. Improved installation procedures
  • Maptool. All country names on Maptool will be shown in upper case letters.
  • Maptool. Nansis now has an option to delete existing map annotations from Maptool.
  • Maptool. New map annotations (countries and capital cities) are provided on complete installation and upgrade option.
  • Maptool. The Maritime boundaries of all the countries are updated in Nansis Maptool.
  • Nansis Help menu has steps to manually install PostGIS setup.
  • Nansis Help menu is updated with the latest changes and images.
  • Nansis Help menu. Manual steps to change Nansis database passwords are added into the help menu.
  • Nansis Installer will delete all left over files from the installation of Nansis.
  • Nansis Installer will verify if biomass table is installed or not via PostGIS. If the table is not installed the setup will re - install the table.
  • Nansis Login. "work offline" button is removed and a new button is added for connection configuration and testing connection.
  • Nansis Main. Check for updates. An option under help menu is provided 'Check for updates' to check whether any new Nansis version is available to download.
  • Nansis Main. In swept area dialog, stations with trawl distance as zero are skipped and stations with trawl distance as zero and greater than 2 NM are shown as a summary in the text file generated.
  • Nansis Main. Reports. Nansis now contains a report generator that allows the user to present any reports from Nansis in multiple formats. All Nansis reports can be exported as text as well as in reports format. The report format allows the user to export the reports in multiple formats including image formats(example jpg, PDF).
  • Nansis Main. Validation list. Nansis Trawl entry, Length frequency and Biological entry validations can be turned off and turned on as per the requirement of the user and the flow of the data entry in Nansis. These validations can be turned off locally for the current user only without affecting other users who are connected to the same database that time.
  • Nansis Main. Species images can be exported as zip files along with the species details like scientific name, English name etc. And the same zip file can be imported on any other system with Nansis installed.
  • Nansis Main. Species images import. Inform users what type of images will be allowed for import and that the name of the images should be same as the species code name (example MERME01.jpg). Also remove the process completion message but show the summary.
  • Nansis Main. Species import and export as zip files to transfer from one system to another

System Requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP*, 7, 8; all language versions. All Microsoft Windows systems need to be updated with the latest major service packs.
Free Space for Nansis Installation: 500MB
Free Space for Postgres Installation: 800MB
RAM: At least 1GB and above, preferably >4 GB

*Note: Our experience is that Nansis works on Windows XP computers with the newest releases, but no support is given, as Microsoft Windows has stopped supporting this operating system.

To help users get conversant with the software and to discover its power, a one-week training course has been developed for training of scientists and cruise participants from developing countries. The EAF-Nansen project is offering the training with the collaboration of GEF-assisted Large Marine Ecosystem and other regional fisheries projects in Africa.

To download Nansis Version 1.9 click HERE or go to the following webpages:

EAF-Nansen - Viale delle Terme di Caracalla - 00153 Rome, Italy
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