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Fisheries managers discussion
In this component of the project, an inventory of available fisheries, environmental and other laws that are relevant to EAF is to be undertaken in collaboration with the Development Law Service (LEGN) of FAO. A study on “Trends and options for EAF implementation in national legislation” is almost completed. The objective of the study is to guide the development or amendment of country legislation relating to EAF and enable the EAF-Nansen project to assist countries to incorporate the EAF concept in relevant national legislations. It is also intended to give feedback to the FAO Committee of Fisheries (COFI) on uptake of EAF in national legislations. From this study, it is possible to develop a blueprint strategy on what is legally required by a fishery manager in order to implement EAF. It would also be possible to prepare guidelines on how to formulate a fisheries policy in line with EAF.

Through this component the project is also undertaking the integration of EAF considerations into policy making in the partner countries through stakeholders consultations and workshops and will support the development of policy documents consistent with EAF in selected partner countries.

The project is also to assist partner countries to prepare or revise fisheries management plans to include EAF considerations. A number of workshops to identify and prioritize issues in main fisheries at national and regional levels using the ecological risk assessment methodology have been conducted. EAF Regional and National Task Groups have been formed to lead the process including consultations with key stakeholders.

EAF-Nansen Coordinator with the director of fisheries of Mozambique discussing a line and shallow water shrimp fisheries management plan
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