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Improving food and nutrition security in the Philippines

FAO helps establish early warning systems for food and nutrition security
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Restoring farmers’ livelihoods after severe floods in Serbia

FAO provides agricultural assistance packages to disaster-struck farmers in Serbia
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Protecting livestock of internally displaced families in Sudan

FAO delivers animal feed and vaccines to displaced people in Western Sudan
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FAO promotes healthy diets through nutrition education training

FAO helps African universities incorporate trainings in nutrition education

Aligned with FAO’s mission to achieve food security for all, the In Action section features success stories covering the work carried out by the Organization around the world. It showcases examples of how FAO, working with national and international partners and donors, is supporting communities, families and individuals to improve their food security and livelihoods.

Stories are current and updated on a regular basis.

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Working with community radio stations, the listeners’ clubs empower their members to become actors in their own development.
In farmer field schools, 10 000 local gardeners have learned to reduce pesticide use, thus protecting family health and the environment.
The world’s pollinators are disappearing. The loss of pollinators is one of the pressing problems that agriculture faces today. FAO has responded to the loss of pollinators with the Global Pollination Project.
The Eurasia Foot-and-Mouth Disease Roadmap is an initiative implemented by FAO’s Emergency Prevention System (EMPRES) for Animal Health, Plant Protection and Food Safety, to reduce the outbreaks of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in 14 Eurasian countries by 2020
FAO has put in place early warning interventions of food market crises, which have played a key role in preventing new food market crises. The Food Price Index, the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) and the Food Outlook are three successful examples.
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