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In farmer field schools, 10 000 local gardeners have learned to reduce pesticide use, thus protecting family health and the environment.


The world’s pollinators are disappearing. The loss of pollinators is one of the pressing problems that agriculture faces today. FAO has responded to the loss of pollinators with the Global Pollination Project.


The Eurasia Foot-and-Mouth Disease Roadmap is an initiative implemented by FAO’s Emergency Prevention System (EMPRES) for Animal Health, Plant Protection and Food Safety, to reduce the outbreaks of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in 14 Eurasian countries by 2020


FAO has put in place early warning interventions of food market crises, which have played a key role in preventing new food market crises. The Food Price Index, the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) and the Food Outlook are three successful examples.

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FAO achievements at a glance

Eradicated the deadly livestock viral disease, rinderpest

Created international standards, Codex Alimentarius, to ensure safe, good food for everyone

Eliminated human ‘river blindness’ in 11 West African countries

Maintains the world’s largest and most comprehensive statistical database on food and agriculture

Created and led adoption of the first ever binding international accord to combat illegal fishing, the Port State Measures Agreement

Produced globally-agreed upon guidelines on tenure rights to ensure equitable access to land, fisheries and forests

Helped halve the number of hungry in Latin America and the Caribbean

Promoted the Right to Food as a human right guaranteed in constitutions and frameworks of over 30 countries.