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The project focuses on training and educating farmers to adopt and promote conservation agriculture and integrated pest management techniques in Kyrgyzstan.


FAO project brings significant improvements in the lives of small-scale Lebanese dairy farmers.


FAO and partners support vulnerable farming households to improve and diversify their production adapting to Climate Change.


Improving food, nutrition and income security of smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe by supporting smallholder irrigation value chain.


The EMPRES-i Event Mobile Application is helping to improve the speed and efficiency of animal disease control in Uganda


The European Union and FAO are working together to strengthen food security in Angola by boosting its veterinary services.


Charcoal smokers introduced by the South-South Cooperation programme have improved women’s income in the Edeha fish market.


FAO project supports over 2,700 farmers stand on their feet after severe floods wash away their fields.


By supporting backyard poultry production in Rural Damascus and Homs, FAO facilitates access to fresh, nutrient–rich foods at household level.


The project has enabled women’s groups to access irrigable and fertile land and farm it in their own names.

FAO achievements at a glance

Eradicated the deadly livestock viral disease, rinderpest

Created international standards, Codex Alimentarius, to ensure safe, good food for everyone

Eliminated human ‘river blindness’ in 11 West African countries

Maintains the world’s largest and most comprehensive statistical database on food and agriculture

Created and led adoption of the first ever binding international accord to combat illegal fishing, the Port State Measures Agreement

Produced globally-agreed upon guidelines on tenure rights to ensure equitable access to land, fisheries and forests

Helped halve the number of hungry in Latin America and the Caribbean

Promoted the Right to Food as a human right guaranteed in constitutions and frameworks of over 30 countries.