Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change

Shaping policy and investment

News - 30.05.2018

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has tapped colleagues in TCI to assist in the preparation of future agriculture sector policies for the Caribbean region. The request in the first phase of the collaboration consists of data gathering to create a state of food report for 19 borrowing countries of the CDB, in which future policies can be shaped based on the results of the surveying.

Due to the nature and complexity of the project, TCI brought in FAO’s policy heavyweights in ESA due to their prior wealth of knowledge in the creation of state of reports for the Organization – namely SOFA and SOFI.

We spoke with economists in ESA and TCI, Carlos Mielitz, Cristian Morales, Roble Sabrie and Dino Francescutti, to learn more about the upcoming project.