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FAO-EU FLEGT Programme

Available assistance

The current FAO-EU FLEGT Programme has been established as a five-year grants programme sponsored by the Government of Sweden, the Government of the United Kingdom, the European Union and FAO. It runs from 2015 to 2021.

The Programme promotes good and more inclusive forest governance and enables stakeholders to contribute to the achievement of their national, regional and global FLEGT–related objectives through two different mechanisms: calls for proposals and direct assistance.

Two different mechanisms (Calls for proposals and Direct Assistance) are available for interested and eligible stakeholders at the national, regional and global level in both VPA countries and countries not engaged in VPAs. These are flexible tools that can be adapted to suit the specific features and particular needs of the requesting organizations.

Calls for proposals: once a year, the Programme launches a call for proposals targeting government, civil society and non-profit private sector organizations based in VPA countries to submit project proposals aimed at addressing country-specific priorities, also in line with the Programme objectives of reducing illegal logging and promoting good forest governance. Occasionally, national call for proposals are launched in non-VPA countries.

Who can apply?
Government, civil society and non-profit private sector organizations.

Once a year.

Please click here to visit the 2019 Call for Proposals page and download the related documents.

Direct assistance: the Programme can also provide funds for specific actions associated to implementing a VPA or national FLEGT-related strategy, or other specific needs for technical assistance. This support is primarily to address short-term technical needs or complementary support, provided it is aligned with the Programme’s goals.

Who can apply?
Government institutions and non-profit private sector organizations based in VPA, and in eligible non-VPA countries.

Proposals can be submitted at any time. There is no defined funding timeline for submission of direct assistance. Please consult the direct assistance guidelines here.

Please visit the Where we work page to see currently funded projects.

For more detailed information on specific eligibility criteria and conditions for applying in VPA and non-VPA countries please refer to the specific Call for Proposals and Direct Assistance guidelines.