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From the field stories

Colombia: Country unites to build a legal timber culture

12 September 2017 - Colombia
Colombia is the first country in Latin America to introduce an Intersectoral Pact for Legal Timber (PIML, by its initials in Spanish), which has become a model for the region. The PIML was launched in 2009 with 24 organizations and, [...]

Ghana: Championing rights and fair compensation for forest communities

28 July 2017 - Ghana
Ghana’s work to promote the legal timber trade in partnership with the European Union (EU) places a strong emphasis on involving local communities who live in or near forests. Yet farmers and communities do not always understand their rights, which [...]

Benin: Government agency blazes trail for traceability

06 February 2017 - Benin
In the fight against illegal logging, being able to trace a log of wood back to the forest that it came from is vitally important. In Benin, the FAO FLEGT Programme has supported the National Timber Office to establish a [...]

Congo Basin: Timber tracking technologies support law enforcement and forest monitoring

11 May 2016
A 'logging vehicle tracking system' is being piloted in the Congo Basin to intercept illegal timber at different points in the forest supply chain.  The approach is being piloted through civil society organization Resource Extraction Monitoring (REM), which has developed [...]

Myanmar: Towards legal community- and smallholder- timber production

10 May 2016 - Myanmar
International conservation charity Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is working to develop opportunities for legal community and smallholder timber production and improve Community Forestry (CF) and smallholder timber revenues in Myanmar. The Project is assessing the opportunities for and constraints [...]
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