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FAO-EU FLEGT Programme

Regional workshop on capacity building needs to support FLEGT in Asia

"FLEGT in Asia: Supporting good governance and responsible trade for Asia's forests"

Bangkok, Thailand, 16-17 October 2013

Background and objective

This workshop was organized to provide an opportunity for government, civil society and private sector representatives to learn more about existing and emerging international timber market requirements and the available forest governance support programmes in the region. Participants gathered to identify key regional FLEGT support and capacity building priorities, in particular in the areas of stakeholder engagement in forest governance improvement processes, compliance to market requirements, especially for SMEs, and the development and local implementation of Timber Legality Assurance Systems (TLAS) . The event was co-organized by the EU FAO FLEGT Programme, the EU FLEGT Facility, RAFT, UK-DFID and GIZ under the auspices of the Thai Royal Forest Department.


Session 1: Panel discussions on existing and emerging international market requirements for timber and timber products

Australia - Mr. Tom Black, Agricultural Counselor, Australian Embassy in Bangkok

China - Dr. Zhao Jie, Associate Professor, Center for International Forest Products Trade, State Forestry Administration of China

European Union - Mrs. Delphine Brissonneau, Programme Officer, EU Delegation to the Kingdom of Thailand

Japan - Mr. Daiji Kawaguchi, Deputy Director, Wood Products Trade Office, Forestry Agency of Japan

Republic of Korea - Mr. You Younghan, First Secretary, South Korean Embassy in Bangkok

United States - Mr. John Webb, Retiree, Department of Justice


Session 2: Presentations by different Forest Governance support programmes

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EU EFI FLEGT Facility - Mr. Vincent van den Berk, Programme Coordinator, European Forest Institute, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

EU FAO FLEGT Programme - Mr. Bruno Cammaert, Forest Officer, FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand

RAFT Facility - Mr. Andrew Ingles, Chief Technical Advisor, Asia Pacific Forest Program, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Bangkok, Thailand

UK Forest Governance, Markets and Climate Programme - Mr. Hugh Speechly, Senior Advisor Forest Governance and Markets, DFID, London, UK

GIZ Forest Governance Programme - Mrs. Nora Heil, Forest Governance Advisor, Eschborn, Germany

Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation - Ms. Kong Zhe, Programme Officer, APFNet Secretariat, China

EU Timber Regulation - Mrs. Delphine Brissonneau, Programme Officer, EU Delegation to the Kingdom of Thailand

UNODC Programme on Combating Illegal Logging and other Forest-related Crimes - Mr. Giovanni Broussard, Programme Officer, UNODC, Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand


Session 3: Identification of priority needs for technical support and knowledge products

Group discussion: Governments, Civil Society Organizations and Private sector

                                     Summary of day 1 and introduction to Session 4

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Session 4: Identification of priority capacity building needs at country and regional levels

Group discussion: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Stakeholder engagement and TLAS development

List of participants

Meeting documents:

Concept note and agenda