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FAO-EU FLEGT Programme

International Forum On The Sustainable Development Of The Wood Industry In Congo Basin Countries

Background and objective

Since 2010, a series of discussions has been held in the Congo Basin to enable stakeholders to discuss and formulate strategies to develop the sector. These discussions led to a white paper entitled Towards a strategy to develop the wood processing industry in the countries of the Congo Basin, which identifies the issues and challenges facing the forest value chain, but also provides a frame of reference for the involvement of all stakeholders in developing a sustainable forest industry in the Congo Basin.

To boost dialogue among the stakeholders in the wood value chain in the Congo Basin with a view to pursuing efforts to develop this sector and encouraging more advanced processing of wood at the local level, this forum addressed the following themes:

  1. advanced wood processing;
  2. markets outlook;
  3. the FLEGT Action Plan and forest certification systems;
  4. forest plantations.

As an outcome of this forum, the main lines of a consensus on actions to be undertaken to support sustainable development of the wood value chain were drawn up in the “Brazzaville Declaration”.

The forum gathered more than 400 participants, including policy-makers (representatives of the ministries responsible for forests in Congo Basin and West African countries), the private sector (small, medium and large enterprises), regional and international organizations, development agencies, non-governmental organizations and scientists.