FAO-EU FLEGT Programme

The FAO-EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Programme seeks to reduce and eventually eliminate illegal logging. With the support of its donors, the FAO-EU FLEGT Programme funds projects created by governments, civil society and private sector organizations in Latin America, Africa and Asia to improve forest governance. The Programme works in support of the European Commission’s Action Plan on FLEGT to promote the legal production and consumption of timber by granting funds to projects, and assisting them at all stages from the original design through to the final outcome. Decreasing illegal logging contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals by alleviating poverty (SDG 1), ensuring food security (SDG 2), mitigating climate change (SDG 13) and managing forests sustainably (SDG 15).

From the field

Gender mainstreaming manual presented to key stakeholders in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda Women’s participation in the forest sector is recognized as an important pathway out of poverty and is a powerful tool to improve livelihoods, protect biodiversity, and promote sustainable forest management. Recognizing this, the FAO-EU Forest, Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Programme partnered with a local civil society organisation, Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment (SWAGEN), to [...]

Thailand timber traceability improved through digital application development

With over 16.4 million hectares of forested land, covering almost one-third of the country, ensuring the traceability and legality of timber entering Thailand’s supply-chains is a critical step towards meeting their commitments under the Voluntary Partnership Agreement, which Thailand began negotiating with the European Union in 2017. In this context, the FAO-EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Programme [...]

South-south exchange between Ghana and Uganda seeks to promote timber traceability

26-30 July 2021: Accra, Ghana A delegation of representatives from Uganda has arrived in Accra, Ghana, for a five-day exchange visit to inform Uganda's development of a timber traceability system. The delegation, composed of representatives from Uganda forestry authorities and line ministries, as well as representatives from the Uganda Timber Growers Association (UTGA), will meet with government stakeholders from the Ghana [...]

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