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FAPDA is led by the FAO’s Agricultural Development Economics Division, in collaboration with FAO Regional and Subregional Offices which are key stakeholders for the FAO policy monitoring.

Together with FAO Regional and Subregional Offices the FAPDA Team collects, validates and registers policy information in the web-based tool, in particular for policy analysis.

Since 2008, FAPDA has also been working with the policy monitoring activity carried out by the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean. Policy decisions collected by RLC feed the FAPDA web-based tool.

FAPDA also collaborates with the Global Information and Early Warning Systems at the Trade and Market Division, the Monitoring African Food and Agricultural Policies Project at the Agricultural Development Economics Division and the Mapping Actions for Food Security and Nutrition

Country coverage

FAPDA covers additional countries featuring information on forest policies and regulations.