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Linkages to other FAO initiatives

Following the intention of FAO to support the establishment of coherent and coordinated policy monitoring function at country level, FAPDA is closely collaborating with the Monitoring African Food and Agricultural Policies Project (MAFAP) and the Mapping Actions for Food Security and Nutrition (MAFSAN). The initial effort is to streamline data gathering, tools and methodologies at country level. 

Since the beginning, FAPDA is collaborating with EST-GIEWS (Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture) in the collection of data, mainly complementing the information on short term and trade policy measures. To enhance policy analysis at country and regional level, GIEWS is linking policy and price monitoring activities.

FAPDA also concretely contributes to the Country Programming Framework (CPF), through policy review. The policy review is recommended as the basis for CPF and should be provided to identify the most important policy issues in the country, present the policy context and key information on the agricultural, food and nutrition security policy sector. The close collaboration between CPF and FAPDA prepared the ground for testing and properly using FAO developed tools to improve and identify priorities for FAO policy support to the member countries. Kenya as a pilot country allowed the two initiatives to test this effort.

National Partners

FAPDA is collaborating with partner institute in selected focus countries. The partnership is on a voluntary basis, and FAO’s technical support is provided upon the assessed needs to strengthen their mandate of policy monitoring or analysis and/or the request from the government.

The partner institute, in close cooperation with FAO Regional/National Office, works as a main focal point at national level, interacting with different ministries and other stakeholders relevant to food security and agriculture.

National Agricultural Policy Center (NAPC), Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform

Food Security Information Centre (FSIC), Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation

Direction Générale des Etudes et du Développement Agricole (DGEDA) for the Ministry of Agriculture and Observatoire National de l'Agriculture (ONAGRI)

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique d'Algérie (INRAA)

Direction de la Stratégie et des Statistiques (DSS), Ministry of Agriculture

Burkina Faso
Coordination Unit for Agricultural Sector Policies (SP/CPSA)

Department of Planning and Policy Analysis (DPPA), Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MAFS)

Council for Agriculture and Rural Development - CARD and Food Security and Nutrition Information System. Our collaboration has a dedicated page in their website: http://www.foodsecurity.gov.kh/node/788


Regional Partners

FAPDA is collaborating with the following regional partners:

ASEAN Food Security Information System (ASEAN-AFSISThe objective of the ASEAN/AFSIS - FAPDA collaboration is to share and improve the policy information collected by FAPDA and use it to produce and enhance Food and Nutrition Security analysis in the ASEAN region by the preparation of specific publications.