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Regional publications

Europe and Central Asia: Regional Overview of Food Insecurity 2016
The Food Insecurity Transition

While the nature of food insecurity has changed substantially over the past 23 years, the concept of food security is still pertinent in the Europe and Central Asia region. Today, reducing food insecurity in the region requires a shift in emphasis from fighting undernourishment to addressing the need for a healthier diet – reducing micronutrient deficiencies and health risks from overweight and obesity. The report discusses a range of policies designed to address the principal malnutrition issues by groups of countries, classified by their predominant food insecurity and malnutrition concerns.

Africa: Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition 2016
The challenge of building resilience to shocks and stresses

The theme of the 2016 edition of the Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition in Africa is The challenge of building resilience to shocks and stresses. This edition of the report introduces a new tool to help enhance our understanding of food security and nutritional status, with the view to inform policy-planning and effective implementation.

Near East and North Africa: Regional Overview of Food Insecurity 2016
Sustainable agriculture water management is key to ending hunger and to climate change adaptation

The second edition of the panorama coincides with the adoption of the sustainable development agenda and the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the agreement on climate change reached at CCOP21 in Paris. The report, therefore, gives particular attention to the situation of food insecurity from the sustainability perspective, in particular the Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2), which aims to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. 

Latin America and the Caribbean: Regional Overview of Food Insecurity 2016
Sustainable food systems to end hunger and malnutrition

While hunger and malnutrition have fallen, overweight and obesity are on the rise throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and are particularly prevalent among women and children, according to this report by FAO and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). According to the report, hunger has fallen to only 5.5% of the regional population, but 23% are obese and 58% are overweight.

Asia and the Pacific: Regional Overview of Food Insecurity 2016
Investing in a Zero Hunger Generation

The year 2015 marked the end of the global Millennium Development agenda and 2016 heralds a transition to the new 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development. Asia-Pacific Region not only met the MDG target of halving the proportion of people suffering from hunger, but was also the region with the largest reduction in the number of undernourished people in the world. This year there is a focus is on the importance of milk and smallholder dairy in view of the remarkable growth in the production and consumption of milk and milk products in the region.