Unlocking the potential
of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands consist of a chain of coral atolls and over 1 000 islets, just north of the Equator. Tuna accounts for almost all national fisheries production and exports from the islands. Most of the catch derives from offshore industrial fishing, with purse seining being the most dominant form.

Local harvesting capacities are limited, which means the majority of catch is shipped to other processing plants to be prepared for consumption. By expanding operations, there is scope to create more employment to boost the incomes of local populations across the Pacific Island nation.

FISH4ACP aims to support the sustainable development of tuna value chains on the Marshall Islands by enhancing onshore processing capacities and strengthening harvesting mechanisms to facilitate access to new export markets.

The programme is in place to contribute to food security, economic growth and the enhancement of the livelihoods of smallholder fishers, while protecting fish reserves and other marine resources from the impacts of climate change.