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Food for the cities programme

FAO-RUAF Programme’s final event on the occasion the 3rd Mayors' Summit of the Milan Pact, Valencia, Spain, 19-21 October 2017


On 19-21 October 2017, the 3rd Annual Gathering and Mayors' Summit of the Milan Pact (MUFPP) will be held in Valencia, Spain.

Representatives from the MUFPP signatory cities will exchange information on the progress made towards implementing sustainable food policies in their cities. Mayors and experts will discuss how to meet the challenges, such as climate change, public policies and healthy diets, sustainable urban food systems and sustainable cities.
Those cities which were awarded in 2016 will present the results of their policies, and the recipients of the 2017 Milan Pact Awards will receive their prizes.

In conjunction with the Mayor Summit, on 19 October 2017, FAO and RUAF Foundation will host the closing event of their joint programme on assessing and planning sustainable city region food systems (CRFS). The event will bring together food policy makers from cities around the world, key experts on urban and regional food policies and representatives from international organizations.

The event will provide the opportunity for cities to share their experiences in implementing a comprehensive assessment of the local food system and plan specific policy interventions to foster sustainable and inclusive food systems and reinforce rural urban linkages, and present the web-based CRFS assessment toolkit that other city regions can use in assessing and planning their food systems.

The event includes the following sessions:

  1. Results from 7 pilot cities (Medellin, Colombo, Lusaka, Kitwe, Quito, Toronto and Utrecht)
  2. Presentation of the web-based CRFS assessment toolkit
  3. Discussion on the role of food system assessment and monitoring in local food policy formulation and implementation

Agenda of the MUFPP gathering event.
Agenda of FAO-RUAF joint programme’s final event.