Food for the cities programme


To assess the CRFS and specific indicators, quantitative data can be collected through questionnaire surveys. In Kitwe, Lusaka and Colombo, questionnaires included structured and semi-structured questions. Questionnaire surveys allowed researchers to obtain statistically significant data on certain areas of investigation. Different sampling methods were used, based on the type of information needed. The surveys were used to get data on:

  • Production – Farmer surveys
  • Consumption – Household surveys
  • Food flows – Business’ surveys, market gate surveys

Example surveys, both used in the CRFS project, as well as surveys developed for other external projects are provided here. Also some basic sampling guidelines are available. In Kitwe and Lusaka, the questionnaire surveys were used in conjunction with focus groups and key informant interviews.

Project tools and examples

Sampling guidelines

This tool provides practical sampling guidelines that can be used for selecting government, household and food business survey respondents.

Questionnaire surveys for primary data collection 

This tool aims at collecting primary data to generate figures and trends to assess specific components of the CRFS. This was used in Kitwe and Colombo to assess production, consumption and food supply aspects.