Food for the cities programme

Developing the work plan

A work plan will need to be developed to outline the next steps to be carried out, the people or organisations responsible for specific tasks, timelines, expected products or outputs, budget and training required. The work plan must identify a concrete set of activities that are realistic to accomplish given the available time period, resources and skills available in the CRFS project team and wider Task Force.

The work plan can be developed in a first project team or Task Force meeting. During such a meeting agreement should be reached among all participants on the project purpose and on main concepts used. The work plan should also contain a strategy for multi-stakeholder engagement.

Project tools and examples

Initial CRFS Stakeholder Meeting Outline

The ‘Initial CRFS Stakeholder Meeting Outline’ document was the basis for the first Greater Golden Horseshoe-Toronto Task Force meeting. As a draft agenda for a first CRFS meeting it provides an overview to define CRFS boundaries as well as ideas and guidance for brainstorming activities, impact analysis, and suggestions for next steps.