Food for the cities programme

Getting prepared

This section contains materials and tools to help a local CRFS team identify what first steps to take in the CRFS project, who to involve, what goals to pursue and how to get started. As with any process, a CRFS assessment and planning process starts by defining clear objectives and purpose (why do an assessment, what are the expected outcomes, what will it be used for), and identifying what data and information is already available.

Setting timelines for each stage of the work is important to balance activities with available resources and aims.  Identifying and engaging necessary stakeholders in the CRFS process is also important and is detailed later on in this section. The CRFS project should involve policy makers, a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and other stakeholders in the food system. It is important to build consensus among all stakeholders from the start to set priorities, concepts and approach(es) to be used and to develop a joint work plan. This will also need to be part of the training of different stakeholders. 

Key outputs of the "Getting Prepared" phase:

  • Agreed Terms of Reference for and appointed project/research coordinator and institutional focal point
  • Setup of a local CRFS project team
  • Terms of Reference for and set up of the local CRFS task force
  • Agreed work plan for the next steps in the CRFS process.