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Improving food safety in Bangladesh

NFSL awarded best presentation at the 36th Conference of the Bangladesh Chemical Society, Dinajpur


On 1 March 2014 , The analysts and technologists of the National Food Safety Laboratory presented their results on determination of pesticide residues and formalin in food items consumed everyday by the Bangladeshi consumer. Pesticide residues were determined by GC and GC-MS. Organo-chlorine and organo-phosphorous compounds in mango juice, pineapple fruit and beans are many times higher than the corresponding European Union standards. Other pesticides that are almost universally banned in agriculture such as Endrin, alpha/gamma-chlordane, heptachlor, beta/gamma-BHC and DDD were found in different food commodities.  For his presentation, the Dr. Matiur Rahman, Senior Medical Technologist was awarded the best presentation prize. The NFSL has validated a HPLC method to measure formalin in various foodstuffs. Significantly, this method provides a sensitive and quantitative tool to measure intrinsic levels of formaldehyde in food commodities. Adulteration by formalin can now be measured as values over and above the intrinsic levels. Ms. Panna Wahed, Medical Technologist, presented a much discussed poster on this subject. Ashis Ratan Sen, Shahed Reza, Margarita Corrales and Sridhar Dharmapuri of the Food Safety team assisted the NFSL staff.