Improving food safety in Bangladesh

Training Workshop on Enhancing National Codex Capacity in Bangladesh at Spectra Convention Centre


Programme in collaboration with the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI). The participants numbered about 40 and included members of the Codex secretariat located within the BSTI, the NCC, stakeholders from all line ministries involved in food safety such as Agriculture, Health and Family Welfare, Food, Fisheries and Livestock, Industries as well as universities, research institutions and the private sector. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Akhtaruzzaman, Direct, Standards, BSTI and the CCP. The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Shashi Sareen, Senior Food Safety and Nutrition Officer (FAORAP), Mr. Raj Rajasekhar, CCP, New Zealand and Ms. Panpilad Saikaew of the National Agriculture Commodity and Food Standards Bureau of Thailand. Through presentations, group work and roundtable discussions, participants were provided with a detailed introduction to the Codex Alimentarius, its importance in the context of international agreements (SPS, TBT, WTO) and the contribution that a member country like Bangladesh can make to the CAC. The participants were also walked through the Codex committee system that sets the standards, the processes at country level that the NCC and CCP need to put in place to take up and convey the national position on risk assessment and standards issues, prepare for CAC meetings and institute new work when needed.