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Improving food safety in Bangladesh

Workshop on Outcome mapping of the FAO Food Safety Programme


On 6 August 2014 , the FAO Food Safety Programme organized a one-day workshop to involve all its partners in an outcome mapping exercise. The workshop was facilitated by Geert Rhenbergen, International Consultant on Monitoring and Evaluation from the Netherlands. Nearly 40 participants representing the Government of Bangladesh, international agencies, civil society organizations and the private sector participated in the workshop. John Ryder, Chief Technical Adviser started the proceedings with a brief description of the objectives and expectations from the assembled group. He stressed on the importance of assessing outcome and impact of the Food Safety Programme as it would provide evidence of the utility of such interventions particularly to donors and development agencies. In his presentation, Geert Rhenbergen elaborated on the concepts underlying outcome mapping as an element of outcome monitoring.

The participants were divided into five groups in accordance with the principle outputs of the Food Safety Programme. They were the Bangladesh Food Safety Laboratory Network; the Bangladesh Food Safety Network (for consumer awareness activities); the Food Inspection Group; the Food-borne illness Surveillance Group and the Value Chains Group. Each group was tasked with identifying its boundary partners; identifying the outcome challenge; listing the steps required to achieve the outcome and the progress markers and milestones. Groups presented the results of their discussions which were collated by Geert Rhenbergen and the Food Safety Programme team. The key points will be used to develop the outcome map and support the M and E framework of the Programme. The participants expressed their satisfaction in taking part this novel exercise and looked forward to the follow up. The Food Safety Programme thanks all its partners and collaborators for their strong support.