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Improving food safety in Bangladesh

Did you know

Artificial food colors are manufactured chemically and are the most commonly used dyes in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Their use is approved by legislation under certain quantities (Maximum Limit). However, in the recent years some artificial colors have...

Antibiotics are important drugs used in the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections in both humans and animals. As a result of the common use or overuse of antibiotics, micro-organisms become resistant to one or more antibiotics and they do...

What are Pesticides?
28 December 2015

Pesticides are substances or mixture of substances intentionally used during crop production for preventing, destroying or repelling pests. The presence of pesticides in foods over determined limits (Maximum Residue Levels) can cause short-term effects such as stinging eyes, nausea, diarrhoea...

What are Natural Toxins?
15 December 2015

Food is a source of nutrients for humans. But some food can contain harmful natural occurring toxins which may lead to adverse reactions in humans and have a carcinogenic effect.

Some of these natural toxins are:

Glycoalcaloids: Chemical compounds produced in...

What is Formalin?
01 December 2015

Formalin is the soluble form of formaldehyde and has multiple applications as bactericide or fungicide in the industry. Formaldehyde is one of the simplest molecule in nature and is present in most living organisms at low levels. At high levels,...