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Food Security Capacity Building

Chad goes forward: national workshop on integrating nutrition and food security

From 03/12/2014 To 05/12/2014
Location: N'Djamena-Chad

The FAO regional office in Dakar and national office for Chad, as well as UNICEF, REACH and the CNNTA[1] are organising jointly with ECHO and the EU delegation, a national training workshop on integrating nutrition and food security programming for emergency responses and resilience building. This workshop which will take place between the 3rd and 5th of December is aimed at practitioners on the field at national level and in the regions most affected by malnutrition (Batha, Salamat, Wadifira, Lac, Ouaddai).

As were the two sub-regional workshops organised in Mongo and Moussoro in October earlier this year, the workshop will be based on the model of the regional training workshop held in Saly in June 2014. It aims to further contribute to reduce malnutrition and improve resilience, thus taking action following the AGIR initiative. This event will also be the opportunity to share successful (and less successful) experiences of nutrition and food security integrated programs implemented in Chad (e.g. agriculture, cash transfers, market support etc.). The workshop will involve stakeholders from various sectors such as agriculture, nutrition and health, WASH and social protection and from various backgrounds (government’s representatives, NGOs, UN, clusters and focal points for AGIR and REACH…).

You can download here the concept note for the workshop and the Save the Date. The application form has to be filled in on internet following this link and submitted by November 19th.

[1] CNNTA : Centre National de Nutrition et de Technologie Alimentaire