Food Security Capacity Building
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Workshop on “Multisectoral programming for nutrition and nutrition-sensitive agriculture” in Gaziantep, Turkey
From 23/11/2015 To 25/11/2015
Location: Gaziantep, Turkey

From the 23rd to the 25th of November 2015, FAO has taken the lead in organizing a 2.5 days training workshop in collaboration with the FSL and Nutrition clusters for...

La Croix Rouge Française et la FAO initient conjointement un atelier de formation pour renforcer l'intégration de la nutrition dans les interventions agricoles au Sénégal
From 20/10/2015 To 22/10/2015
Location: Tambacounda, Sénégal

La Croix Rouge Française, REOWA et le bureau national de la FAO au Sénégal organisent, dans la région de Tambacounda un atelier conjoint de formation sur « S’entendre sur les causes...

Sub-national training workshops on how to better integrate nutrition into food security programming
From 29/09/2015 To 08/10/2015
Location: Yambio & Aweil , South-Sudan

Two sub-national training workshops are planned in South Sudan: in Yambio from 29 November to 1st October and in Aweil 6-8 October 2015.

The Sub-national Training Workshops will build the capacity of...

Strengthening resilience in Burkina Faso – A first workshop on integrating nutrition into programmes
From 17/02/2015 To 19/02/2015
Location: Dori, Burkina Faso

The FAO, the Red Cross, the GRET, HKI, the Direction of Nutrition and the Executive Secretariat for Food Security (SE-CNSA) organized in the Sahel region (Dori), a training workshop on integrating nutrition...

Chad goes forward: national workshop on integrating nutrition and food security
From 03/12/2014 To 05/12/2014
Location: N'Djamena-Chad

The FAO regional office in Dakar and national office for Chad, as well as UNICEF, REACH and the CNNTA[1] are organising jointly with ECHO and the EU delegation, a national...

Regional workshop on
From 05/11/2014 To 07/11/2014
Location: Dakar, Senegal

FAO's Regional Resilience, Emergency and Rehabilitation Office for West Africa/Sahel (REOWA) organised, in close collaboration with the London Royal Veterinary Collage (RVC), the International Livestock Research Centre (ILRI) and the...

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