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Food Security Capacity Building

Two workshops in Somalia: summary of results

Under the scope of the Capacity Building Project, two sub-regional training workshops were organized in Somalia (Hargeisa and Garowe) in May 2014 with the support of the Nutrition and Food Security Clusters and the FAO project team. These interactive trainings were facilitated by the Somalia trainers’ team, who participated in the regional Training of Trainers in Nairobi, February 2014.

The objectives of the two trainings were to foster the dialogue between food security and nutrition sectors, to share technical knowledge and most importantly to lay the foundations for effective interagency and multisectoral collaboration for improving food security, nutrition and livelihoods in the sub-regions.

21 participants in Hargeisa and 13 participants in Garowe, representing both the Nutrition Cluster and Food Security Cluster members, participated in the two-day workshops. These participants were drawn from both international and local humanitarian agencies as well as from the government ministries.

The content of the trainings was based on local livelihoods and contexts. The participants were invited to build problem and solution trees for malnutrition for the identified livelihoods in order to understand the causes of malnutrition in the area and to identify locally viable potential solutions. This group exercise helped participants to understand the different and complementary roles of Food security and Nutrition partners to address the multisectoral causes of malnutrition. The workshop also had a focus on coordination, which is done through the cluster system in the two sub-regions. The members of each cluster identified ways to better engage with the other cluster.

Overall, the workshops were highly appreciated by the participants, and key recommendations were to have more workshops at lower level as well as to increase the number of days for the workshops.

Click here to download the workshop agenda.