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Speaking the same language: national workshop in Niger on integrating nutrition and food security

In Niamey, Niger was held a national training workshop on integrated nutrition and food security programming from the 28th to the 30th of October. This event, organised by the FAO-Niger office was jointly prepared and animated by FEWSNET, ACF, CRS, the Niger Red Cross, IRC, SAP and VSF. The main objective was to build capacities of practionners and partners to better integrate nutrition in the food security programs in order to maximize the nutritional impacts of interventions and to further contribute to reduce malnutrition and improve resilience in Niger. This workshop, implemented as a follow up activity after the Regional training workshop which took place in June in Senegal, gathered 58 professionals working the sectors of nutrition, food security, social protection, health and fisheries.

During three days the participants, who were part of international or local NGOs as well as government institutions, worked together sharing their technical knowledge, skills and best practices on how to conduct joint analysis of food security and nutrition situation in Niger, how to design and implement integrated programs and also how to put in place an effective M&E system for nutritional impacts of the different interventions. The key session of that workshop was the session on coordination. It was presented by the General Secretary of the 3N and moderated by the REACH facilitator. The participants and the NGOs particularly were eager to know what their roles are in the coordination process and very keen on building synergies to improve the nutrition situation in Niger. All eight organisers and facilitators of the workshop had taken part in the Training of Trainers held in Saly, Senegal in June by the ECHO Food Security Capacity Building project. This national workshop was covered by newspapers, national television and radio.

For more information, you can download the final report, the agenda, the terms of reference and the list of participants. An article on this event was published in the newspaper Le Sahel and is available here