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Food Security Capacity Building

Nutrition Component Project Task Force

To ensure that the project meets partners’ needs and maximize its long-term benefits, FAO is committed to work in close collaboration with food security and nutrition clusters and their members.

To meet these objectives, the project has designed a mechanism of collaboration. At the global level, this mechanism is implemented through a Project Task Force (PTF), which gathers representatives from the Global Nutrition and Food Security Clusters, partner organizations (including IMC, World Vision, IFRC, ACF, SC-UK, ICRC, WFP and UNICEF), and the FAO project team from headquarters and regional offices in the Horn of Africa and in the Sahel. The PTF meets on a monthly basis through teleconference.

The main tasks of the PTF are:

  • to provide a platform for effective information sharing between FAO project team and partners about progress in project implementation, as well as current partners’ activities and initiatives to improve integration between food security and nutrition;
  • to support with overall orientation of the project and to define the project's main delivery steps;
  • to make strategic decisions/validations and to ensure project follow-up.