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Training modules on integrated programming

Now released! “Agreeing on causes of malnutrition for joint action” is a free interactive module to strengthen multisectoral planning for nutrition and resilience. It has been designed to support professionals in development, resilience-building and emergency programming. 

To access the module, please use this link: www.fao.org/elearning/#/elc/en/course/ACMJA 

The module is based on the workshop methodology using the problem and solution trees for malnutrition, and includes case studies, testimony and videos. 

The module content has been developed through a participatory process involving the  Project Task Force partners, and using results of the regional trainings and good practices drawn from country experiences.

In addition, if you want to train on nutrition, food security or resilience, you can access a series of free e-learning courses already on-line. For instance, the “Nutritional Status Assessment and Analysis” course covers the basic concepts of malnutrition, describes how nutritional status is assessed, and identifies the most commonly used nutrition indicators, as well as the criteria to be used when selecting the indicators in specific contexts and situations.