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The Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism (FLRM)


©FAO/Caterina Marchetta

On 16 July 2019, Valentina Garavaglia, from the FLRM team, presented FLRM’s work on past and ongoing initiatives on dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral systems at the inaugural session for the Dryland Forestry and Agrosilvopastoral Systems Working Group, which was...

©FAO/Anne-Maude Courtois

The FLRM held a webinar for the involved countries of The Restoration Initiative (TRI) programme to discuss the “Harmonized Monitoring and Evaluation of TRI” on 9th of July, 2019.

The aims of the session were...

©FAO/Christophe Besacier

“The global tree restoration potential" a new report in Science has been published on 5 July, 2019.

Why is this scientific report of strategic significance for FAO?

The findings of this report are extremely important and they...

©FAO/Teopista Mutesi

New, open-source maps, developed by a team of scientists and FAO experts, show where degraded lands and forests could be restored to help fight climate change, but only if countries act quickly and develop realistic targets.

The model, profiled in the 

©FAO/Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism

“Local finance for forest and landscape restoration”

FAO and Landscape Finance Lab are happy to share the new date for the showcase webinar sharing case studies from teams working on Forest Landscape Restoration. Speakers will illustrate how different investment mechanisms and strategies have been used...

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