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Russian Federation


Russian Federation regulations

General requirements for import

Federal law No 29 of January 2, 2000 on the quality and safety of food products: Regulates relations in the field of quality assurance for food products and their safety for human health.This law also sets the general requirements for food quality and safety as well as provides guidance about the appropriate way to monitor each. 

Resolution No 36 November 14, 2001 on implementing sanitary rules: Provides additional measures and requirements for hygiene, safety and nutritional value of food.

Order of November 7, 2011 No 404 approval of administrative regulation of the federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance…: Provides general requirements about the permits to import into, export from and also to transit through the territory of the Russian Federation animals, products of animal origin, veterinary medicines, feed and feed additives for animals. 

Additives, contaminants, antimicrobials and residues

SanPiN Provides guidance about additives, contaminants and residues that are permitted to be added to food sold in the Russian Federation, their standards and the maximum levels allowed in fishery products.

Microbiological and organic criteria 

SanPiN Provides microbiological criteria for fishery products. In addition, this law sets all the criteria for parasites and histamine.

Labelling and packaging

Federal law No 29 of January 2, 2000 on the quality and safety of food products: Provides guidance about packaging and labelling requirements in order to ensure food safety and quality.


Federal law No 330 amending criminal code of the Russian Federation in relation to illegal fisheries (catch) of aquatic biological resources: Establishes increasing penalties, including administrative fines and imprisonment, for illegal fisheries (catch) of aquatic biological resources and marine mammals, in particular in protected areas, open sea and prohibited fishing areas.

Federal law No 184 of December 27, 2002 on technical regulation: Provides guidance about the mandatory certificate of conformity, which is a document proving the suitability of a product with certain safety requirements in force in the Russian Federation. The certificate must include: the name of the commercial product with its customs code, the code of the product according to the internal classifier, the Russian Federation regulations and standards of reference, the name of the producer and the applicant.

How do you find the most recent consolidated version of the regulations?

In order to find the latest consolidated version of the regulations, visit the following link and  insert the year in the box “Search standards”:

In the below link, you can find the list of documents in the field of technical regulation, sanitary, veterinary, veterinary and sanitary, quarantine phytosanitary measures:

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