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GLOBEFISH - Analysis and information on world fish trade

Data Series

A selection of the latest data available from the world fish market. Statistics update: September 2017.  
The FAO Fish Price Index (FPI) is regularly published in GLOBEFISH publications and in the FAO Food Outlook, although the index has not yet been included in the official FAO Food Price Index because of different methodologies. Starting from 2011 for ...
Monthly trade statistics series by volume and unit value for the main seafood commodities. A year-on-year comparison and year-to-date partner breakdown is also provided.  Download the document  - December 2018 statistics update   
A selection of graphs from the European Price Report showing some species traded in the European market.        European Price Report - December 2015  European Price Report - October 2015  European Price Report - September 2015  European Price Report - August 2015  

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