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GLOBEFISH - Information and Analysis on World Fish Trade

Market Access Information by Country

Trade plays a major role in the fishery and aquaculture sector as a creator of employment, a food supplier, an income generator, and as a contributor to economic growth, development and food nutrition and security.

For many countries and numerous coastal, riverine, insular and inland regions, fishery exports are essential to the economy. The fisheries sector operates in an increasingly globalized environment, and fish may often be produced in one country, processed in a second and consumed in a third.

A variety of trade-related policy tools, at both the national and global level, play a significant role in shaping fisheries production and trade, particularly when it comes to accessing international markets. However, it can be challenging for countries, producers and exporters to fully understand relevant international and national regulations and to adhere to constantly evolving requirements. Reducing imbalances in accessing and understanding market information is an important step towards the broader goal of creating a more inclusive trading system for developing countries and small and medium stakeholders.

This short introduction aims to provide a general overview of the international trade regulatory framework applicable to fish and fishery products, including relevant web pages by country.

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