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GLOBEFISH - Information and Analysis on World Fish Trade

GLOBEFISH to attend CONXEMAR 2018 on Global Fisheries Production

01/10/2018 - 04/10/2018

FAO GLOBEFISH Meets the Frozen Seafood Industry in Vigo, Spain

From 2 to 4 October 2018, the 20th International Frozen Seafood Exhibition organized by CONXEMAR will be held at Instituto Feiral de Vigo (IFEVI). CONXEMAR is held annually in Vigo, an important fishing port in Europe and serves as the meeting point for the entire processing branch, distributors, importers and exporters of frozen seafood products.

FAO GLOBEFISH will be present at the annual trade exhibition and participants will have the chance to familiarize themselves with FAO GLOBEFISH publications and market information on fish and fishery products during the biggest event dedicated to the frozen seafood sector in Spain.

Prior to the three-day event, the 6th edition of the World FAO-CONXEMAR Congress will take place on October 1st addressing the current state of global fisheries, seafood production, and the sustainability of the fishing grounds. FAO Directors Manuel Barange and Audun Lem will be on hand to provide key insights on world fisheries production and seafood trade.

CONXEMAR provides the perfect backdrop for various side events such as the Vigo Dialogue on Decent Work in Fisheries and Aquaculture taking place on October 2nd. This year’s Vigo Dialogue will focus on presenting the steps FAO is conducting towards setting guidance for social responsibility in the fisheries and aquaculture sector to address abuses of human and labour rights in fish value chains.

The 2018 Vigo dialogue will be web streamed to allow for greater audience engagement. Participants can send their questions to: decent-fish-work@fao.org

Come to visit us at our GLOBEFISH booth E3. We look forward to attending CONXEMAR and meeting you!

For further information on CONXEMARwww.conxemar.com/en

To learn more about GLOBEFISH:www.globefish.org and FAO Fisheries:http://www.fao.org/fishery/en

Follow the event on Twitter @FAOFish (English) @FAOPesca (Spanish) #ConxemarFAOCongress

CONXEMAR is the Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Manufacturers and Exporters of fish products and Aquaculture, a consolidated union of 222 companies working in the frozen seafood Spanish sector.


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